Crabs Crabbing
Sierra. 17. Canada.
I love history, old rockstars, and art

Seen Black Sabbath live on 13/04/14
Seen Beyonce and Jay-Z on 09/07/14

Robert Plant takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Sir Elton John, Sir Tom Jones, Sir Paul McCartney and his favorite commoner Peter Gabriel (x)

Perconte riding on Randleman’s back after getting shot in the ass 



the bathroom, lolita 1997


john on brian epstein, right after he had heard about his sudden death.

rest in paradise, eppy ♥ (september 19, 1934 - august 27, 1967)


June 1969. Photo by Andrew Sandoval.


my sexual orientation is this picture of paul mccartney 


I let her have the little bit of peanutbutter that was left. She looked at me like I gave her the world.

Going to pick up a record player possibly tomorrow, going by myself! This shall be interesting.


Band of Brothers » Lewis Nixon + dogs

Kathy’s divorcing me. She’s taking everything. She’s taking the house, she’s taking the kid, she’s taking the dog…


"My Kidulthood" from Zeum Magazine

“Min Cho has coined the term ‘Kidult-hood’ to describe her struggle to grow up and her refusal to take on an adult’s role in a world where one must leave its youth behind.”

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand 1977